Omnisports 3.5 mm is a multi-use gym flooring option with Class 1 shock absorption that meets all the criteria for ball rebound, surface finish effect, and vertical deformation in the newly updated ASTM F2772 standard. Omnisports 3.5 mm can be used for many sports activities, but it is primarily used as a surface for badminton, table tennis, or light recreation. In addition, it can accommodate non-sporting events with tables and chairs without the need for protective floor covering.


Omnisports 3.5 mm is a heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, meaning that it consists of multiple layers. Each layer or coating has unique function, such as increasing dimensional stability, reducing maintenance, increasing longevity, or providing sports performance and shock absorption. When these layers are combined using Tarkett’s virtually tension-free manufacturing process, the result is the ideal multi-use sports floor.


Superior Sports Performance, Consistent Surface Texture, Fast Indentation Recovery, Fewer seams, Phthalate-Free Manufacturing, Healthier Indoor Air Quality, Comprehensive Warranty Protection, ITTF Approved.