Athletic Track Fields: 

At EmaSportSolution we work all aspects of track design, construction, resilient surfacing, and striping lines. Specializing in the high school and small college market, we focus on the needs of our customer and maintaining high standards of service. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured.

We work with the best Materials in the market, we carry a variety of products to adjust to every ones needs from small running tracks for schools to professional track fields for training. 

EMA 200:

 Our basic building material, can be install in any facility, is comprised of a bottom layer of polyurethane bound rubber granulate then topped with a spray applied coat of one or two component.


EMA 300:

Like our EMA200 this product can also be install in any facility with the diference of the components that its made of, The sealer creates a thixotropic effect that seamlessly binds the track into a single layer and eliminates the need for a rubber dust application

EMA 400:

This top of the line, IAAF Certified, dual-layer system has a 10mm prefabricated base mat made of high-grade recycled rubber and coated with a moisture-cured, VOC-free adhesive. It is crowned with layers of EPDM rubber and sealed with our proprietary Single Cast Sealer (SCS), which creates and exceptionally strong bond and prevents delamination

EMA 500:

This value-added, IAAF certified, impermeable, sandwich running track surface is comprised of graded, black SBR rubber granules bounded with a polyurethane binder.

EMA 600:

The EMA 600 Preferred High Quality Performance system is an impermeable, full-pour system running track also installed in a multi-layered application with a total system standard thickness of 10mm. The base layer consists of a two-component polyurethane and embedded SBR rubber granules.

EMA 700:

The top layer is a flow-applied layer of matching pigmented polyurethane and embedded EPDM rubber granules finalized with a spray of UV stable protective coating. This grand performance system offers a pliable, textured, all-weather 13mm surface that is ideal for high school and collegiate high exposure facilities.